After another few months of silince on the internet, its time for a update. This page will in the future be run as a page for the Swedish section of B&H Scandinavia. That was the intent when it was first published under the .se domain. So it has no real meaning outside of that. But before rumours undoubtely start to swirm around like flies around shit its better to make it clear in text, rather than just changing the logo at the top and be silent.

Now we look forward to a new decade and new events and activities in servitude of the greater good. We have a few things brewing behind the scenes and when and if things get settled and decided we will update the page with more information. 2019 we mainly had internal activities or just decided to not make any official advertisment for them, such as the annual Summerfest and Yulefest. Maybe it will change for 2020, or maybe not. The future will have to tell.