Blood & Honour have been in existence for over 20 years by now, we are part of the international Blood & Honour-movement founded in the 80s by Ian Stuart Donaldson in England. We are a Pro-White Brotherhood first and foremost and dont really consider ourselves as a organisation among others. Our goal is to build a strong Pro-White alliance with like-minded people all over the world and together build for a better future for our race. National Socialism is the ideology we base our values on.

To be a part of Blood & Honour should be considered a privilege, and a goal you have to work towards to achieve. We do not accept new members that have not proven themselves worthy to be included in our Brotherhood. For this reason all new members have to go trough a so called prospect time as a Official Supporter before being accepted as full members. This is our way to try ensure loyalty, honesty and will to be part of something greater than yourself.

About Combat 18

Blood & Honour in Scandinavia as have since its founding days, and up to this day always supported the idea of Combat 18 and Leaderless Resistance. Over the years C18 has had its fair share of problems and rotten eggs. It is no secret, and we never tried to hide those facts. But the past is exactly that and we do not live in the past, but prepare for the future in the multiethnical melting pot that is our society of today. And C18 is our way to build up a strong, willing and prepared resistance so that when the day comes we can fight for our Race, our Nation and our Culture. The question we have for all those that over the years have slandered, talked back and devoted time to spread false rumours about C18 is: are you prepared?