Blood & Honour are a network that consists of activists united under the same banner. Founded in the 80s by Ian Stuart Donaldsson in England, B&H has grown to be a world wide organisation, represented in the majority of white countries troughtout the world. The two pillars on which our foundation stands, are Brotherhood and Loyalty. Over the years B&H have found many ways to work for the cause of white awakening and revolution, such as producing resistance music, magazines, leaflets. We have also organised marches, demonstrations and concerts and other political and social events. We also support political parties and other organisations who share our common goal either with manpower, financial help or producing leaflets and other political propaganda.

The political ideology of Blood & Honour have always been, and will always be National Socialism. But to just call it a political ideology would be wrong. It is the eternal laws of nature in practical form. Its our way of life. We defy Multiculturalism, feminism and the liberal democracy which has led to nothing but the degeneration and moral decay of Europe and our race.

Further in depth readings about who we are, and what we believe will be available in the article section, but here follows a short summary of Blood & Honours goals :

  1.  To unite white people over the world under the same banner
  2. Strengthen our movement and its activists by political education
  3. To form strong bonds between white people over the world by arranging political and social events
  4. To spread information and awareness of the threats our race stands before, and how we can work to change the current course
  5. To gain our nations back and secure the future of the white race, by any means necessary

Membership in B&H

We have no intention of growing to be a organisation for the masses. First and foremost we are a brotherhood, were loyalty, comradeship and trust are essential. We never actively seek members and we do not advertise ourselves as an organisation in the sense of wanting new members. So, for those who wish to be a part of Blood & Honour, have no other choice but to prove themselves worthy.

About Combat 18

As most of the original Blood & Honour divisions we support the idea of leaderless resistance under the banner of Combat 18. No matter what people try to smear on the name, no matter what lies people trough the years have told about Combat 18 it is a necessary part of our movement, sometimes referred to as the armed wing of Blood & Honour. True, there has been issues in the past, as with most organisations that actually take action, not just talk about doing it.

White Youth

Because of the interest in Blood & Honour also tend to exist amongst youngsters under the age of 18, we in Scandinavia have chosen to build up White Youth. White Youth can be seen as a youth organisation whos members when they turn 18 automatically can go in to B&H if they have done well in White Youth.

White Youth is a idea brought here from B&H Deutschland, were it existed as a youth organisation before the german state banned and criminalized Blood & Honour.