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Demonstration 30/9 in Gothenburg

On september 30th the Nordic Resistance Movement will hold a demonstration in Gothenburg for all nationalists. Of course also guys from B&H/C18 in Scandinavia will attend the demonstration and make it a massive show of resistance towards the system. 

For for information visit the campaign page made for the demonstration :

Quiet as usual..

We have been lacking to make updates here on the homepage as usual. But we are still around, alive and well. However we do not feel the need to post info about everything we do on the homepage. When we make bigger events we will of course share the information on here. And we do […]

Updated contact information

From now on the only official mail adress to get in contact with Blood & Honour Scandinavia is

Demonstration Stockholm

There will be a demonstration in Stockholm 12th November organised by the Nordic Resistance Movement. The parole of the demonstration is ”Stop the alien invasion!”.

More info here (in Swedish) :

B&H Summerfest 27/8-16

On August 27 it was finally time for the the fouth time. Our traditional Summerfest took place in South-east Sweden. Approximately 40 people attended this year which is a good number, considering the sionist party Swedish Democrats, a party that some consider to be ”nationalists”, even tough they welcome jews and other unwanted elements in […]

B&H at DNF Summerfest

On the 23rd of july members from B&H Scandinavia made a visit to Denmarks National Fronts (DNF) Summerfest. A really succesful social event with games for the attendants like Tug of War and others. As always it was nice to meet comrades from Denmark, Sweden and Germany in a relaxed environment were fun activities was […]

Stockholm visit 2/4-2016

Last weekend, on april the 2nd,  members of B&H Scandinavia had a meet up in Stockholm. First of we held a meeting to discuss and decide on future events. This meeting went on a couple of hours.

And on the evening we all went to a ballad event in the Stockholm area hosted by the swedish […]

Information from B&H Scandinavia

We are well aware that the homepage is not updated very often. However that does not in any way mean that B&H Scandinavia is inactive. We have this year so far held a couple of social events, and been on a visit to our brothers in Germany among other things, which has made the updating […]

Concert 28/11-2015

On the 28th of november Blood & Honour Scandinavia held its second concert of the year in south west Sweden. Even tough we had ”competition” from two other big concerts in Europe and the fact that swedish viking rock veterans Ultima Thule held a releaseparty for  the latest and also last album, around 150 people […]

Blood & Honour Summerfest 2015

On august 29th Blood & Honour for the third annual year held our summerfest in southern Sweden. Like the last years we had comrades from Sweden, Denmark and Germany visiting our summerfest, speeches from a B&H member and a invited guestspeaker. The doors were set to open a bit after 17.00, and at the time […]

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