Today it´s common for commercials, to use a couple with kids, of two different races, to promote a telephone brand.
Homosexuals in ‘Safe Sex’ commercials with Africans and lesbians.
Affairs in the relationship to promote dating sites, same-sex-marriages in churches (the Bibel says: Its a death sin to lay with a man, the same way you lie with a woman), so why is the government forcing this gay ”right” down our throats? (This ”right” is not allowed in mosques or synagogues).
In the old days, this advertising would be as wrong, as a pregnant woman smoking, to promote Prince.
Back then, marriage was between a man and a woman. And it was expected that they got children.
Normaly a man and a woman would fall in love, get married, move into a house and become a family.

Now a days, men are feminists , women would rather have a big career and materialistic values, than a family.
Some men have a partner on the side, and its accepted by the public.
The youth generation is told to love their asylum-seeking neighbors, to be bi sexual curious, free love, no limits, nothing is ever extreme enough.
To set aside traditions in exchange for the Islamic traditions, not speak about anything that could offend immigrants.
But also just to take in everything the immigrants demand, the violent crimes, never to speak ill of them, or they themself, would get convicted of racism.
Theres no room for independent thought, no justice, no point in reporting racial crimes and no freedom of speech.
The youth generation is being forced, the rest of us are oppressed.

This is really a big success, from the media. To be more political correct and bring in more censorship. They can always twist the story in any direction they wish, and nobody lifts a finger when they lie or do a 180 on their own opinions.

If the system and the immigrants win, the next generation will be brainwashed, multicultural, multiracial, converted to Islam, living outside the cities in fear.
Fear from the multiple rapes, the violence and homicides.
Cant recall religion, traditions or what the normal family values was, in the old days.

Now you may think im talking about the old days in the 40´s or 60´s, but im actually referring to the 80´s-90´s population.
And it doesn´t mean these people are from the country, really religious or anything like that, it´s both big city and the ordinary people.
Statistics point out these good ‘old day’ numbers are drastically dropping, as well as the immigrants numbers are multiplying.
Our people are forced out of everything, and theres no help, no safety, nobody to protect us, we have the wrong skin tone and the wrong reasons to get that.
Complain, make a statement, report a crime against an immigrant, and you´ll waste your time.
It´s completely white genocide.